"Believe in your dreams. For real."

Born and bred in Madrid (Spain), Alex C.M. aka Papaboule has spent a lifetime devoted to visual arts. Honoured Fine Arts graduated in 2004, he hit the ground running in the editorial field, performing art direction and freelance illustration. Since then, Papaboule’s profile has grown into a multidisciplinary talent, combining a wide range of visual areas. Based in London from 2009 to 2014, Papaboule has been celebrating versatility performing many projects around the world. Recently, he's taking a part of the contemporary art field performing urban interventions with poster art and sticker design.


          Sometimes I build stables with friends, I do jumps, but mostly I spend my time either drawing or considering if shaving my beard for money. I work like a slave, struggle like a king and sometimes I dream like a god. For the rest, I'm quite clean and acquiescent. Are you thirsty? Let's go for a drink. My treat.



Ferrari, Puma, Movistar, Harrods, Rolling Stone, Royal Bank of Canada, Foreign Policy, 40 Principales, Domino's Pizza, Pfizer, Camden Lock, Sorapol London, Crackerlab, KT&G, Gazelli International, Octi-Tech, Purlfrost, Vintage Inns, Soft Paris...