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Born in Madrid with manchegan and french origins, he completes a Fine Arts degree with honors in graphic design in 2003 (U.C.M.)


He hits the ground running as a graphic designer focusing in art direction in the magazine and editorial field as well as freelancing as an illustrator. From 2009 to 2014 and based in London, he furthers his education at Central Saint Martins on digital illustration. Next to comissions as a freelance (focused in graphhic design and illustration) the city of London allows him to collaborate as a mural artist in Camdem Town or different social initiatives. At this stage he experiments for the first time with the paste-up technique with recicled cardboards, reinterpreted on public spaces.


Back in Spain he combines illustration commissions with branding design, teaching or as concept artist or storyboarder in the film industry.


Papaboule starts to use the public space for his works substantially after a conference in March 2016 by Observatorio Arte Urbano (Madrid). He adheres to the Paste-up technique where he can work in studio to furtherly intervene an open space, with great acceptation from the public. Additionally, he creates some designs and participates in the sicker world where he often collaborates and interacts with local and international artists.


1/ El nombre, Papabúl (o “Papaboule”), homenajea a un personaje de la película “El Tren” (J. Frankenheimer1964). 


2/ Puedes seguirle en Instagram como @papabul_


3/ Le gusta la leche con galletas


ONU (FAO), Desperados, Ferrari, Movistar, Puma, Harrods, Rolling Stone, Royal Bank of Canada, Foreign Policy, 40 Principales, Grupo PRISA, Domino's Pizza, Pfizer, Camden Lock, Sorapol London, Crackerlab, KT&G, Gazelli International, Universidad Complutense, e Imprenta Municipal-Artes del libro de Madrid entre otros.

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I have a few motivations. After many years working on the visual world and out of the professional comissions, fixing personal work in a hostile environement looked to me as an act of intimate significance. I was quite unfamiliar with the classic graffiti world and the Paste-up technique allows me to put original work on the streets as an honest comunicational sign, aside from the comercial perspective. I like to see how the piece can evolve under uncontrolled conditions, that evenually complete the work and gives it more sense.


Besides, I’d like to disclose some prejudices with the general public, by working on abandoned spaces, making it a new place to look, to be surprised or smile, and even ponder. It’s an experimentalist motivation, reaching to combine encounters where the observer could potentially enrich his existence, from an aesthetic or thoughful perpective. It’s an immanent act looking to trascend. Besting personal motivations, the goal  is to improve the other’s presence, as an artistic act of well-understood ethics, where my strenght is upscaled by the other’s strenght’s increase, who composes me as an individual living in society.