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How can a sticker get some attention at some point of anyone's life? Stickers can be an act of freedom or, at least, evoquer of freedom. Straight from the graffiti tradition,

the slap world has become a connecting agent, an intimate message (more than just a name or tag) out of the advertisement dominance on public spaces, where we still can find room for People, beyond 


My square shaped skulls are zombies, not alive nor dead (therefore we can call them Skullzombies, or even Skuarezombies) meaning those invisible fears and numbness that too often can take the wheel of anyone's life, almost without realizing it, of course. The concept is that, under the skin, the human skull is naturally round shaped, but self-complacent irreflexive superficiality can constrain it, with time, in an unnatural (symbolic) cubic shape... Few skullzombies want it to change, others want to keep it this way no matter what, and the large resting majority are just fine with it, as a part of the established life (but still complain about it, and a lot, after all :S).

Beyond the usual flatness of the traditional sticker cliché, skullzombie stickers look forward for a polyhedral thinking on a apparently flat way of existence. It reaches to stand out, to thrive, blooming for life and humanity.


That's it for the deep side of it, but most of all, stickers are meant for fun, two-way fun. Even in a third way, as many of the sticker actions are favored by the artist's friends and colleagues around the world, spreading the movement of common generosity with this simple artistic action.

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