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{A quick manifesto from the author} 

Neograffiti or post-graffiti are two words that sound just fine quite for anything related to visual arts. Even contemporary art. Even Art. The history of urban arts is rich and complex and paste up is one of their younger brothers,... or maybe not. Back in the 60s Artist Joanna Blake ??? stepped ahead from the old poster crafts and snapped a kindred performatic art. Not to mention the poster design, just as good as art can be intended, has always been a tool, for many purposes, but most importantly a fighting (for Growth) element. 


Everything happens according to discord and necessity; Justice looks like an irresolvable fight, and struggle remains as some kind of order. Calling paste up neograffiti is tricky, then. Art sounds better, much better, and in an unpretentious way, but a logic one. Poster Art just looks inaccurate, but suits the quick explanation. Always doxa vs episteme, of course, or how couldn't books be subjected to the readers's ability...


To me, Paste up means many things in many ways. It's happiness; it's communication, a mind stirring tool, a firewall for streetart's gentrification risks, a memento mori, a friendly reminder for self-aimed egos, a mainstream antidote, an intimate surprise for the viewer, a situationist (anti)medal, a performatic show, an ethical act, a way of facing reality and a means to an end. Better: it's the inner child, ever having fun with constructive games.


Thank you for supporting Paste Up (or weathpaste:) 

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